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Our Mission

The Mission must be the means to realize the Vision. Having a vision is necessary; sharing the vision is necessary; but formulating a plan to realize the vision is just as paramount. This is the mission that the Governing Body, the Teaching and Administrative Staff of the Hebron Evangelical Bible Institute commit ourselves to.

With God being our Helper, we purpose in our hearts and pledge to;

  • Produce trained and disciplined Ministers for the Body of Christ.
  • Assist members of the Body of Christ in finding out what are their true talents and provide opportunities for the development of such talents.
  • Assist the members of the Body of Christ to realize and maximize their fullest potential and enable them to pursue their God-given purpose.
  • Provide a sound exegesis of the Bible to our students and enable them to acquire a deeper knowledge of profound truths therein.
  • Seek to obtain grants and scholarships in Christian Education for persons who recognize and embrace the call of God upon their lives.
  • Seek to restore Christian Education as a vital and viable ministry of the local church.
  • Uphold the highest moral standards as an example to the wider society and to lend faithful support to the institutions of Marriage and Family.

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