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About Hebron Evangelical Bible Institute

Hebron Evangelical Bible Institute is a ministry of the Hebron Evangelical Fellowship Ministries and therefore shares the same doctrinal beliefs. As a Christian Constituency of the New Testament Church, we subscribe to the following declaration which is most surely believed among us. We pray that there be neither harmful or divisive differences of belief to the injury of any, nor the disturbance of peace and harmony in the Body of Christ. We pray that we may be all of the same mind and judgment, speaking the same things in a spirit of love and the bond of peace with the sole purpose of glorifying God edifying His people and providing an effective witness to the world. It is important then, that our students understand what we believe, because this will be the foundation for our doctrine and teaching.

If you desire to receive this type of training, Hebron Evangelical Bible Institute is the Bible Institute for you.

Remember that opportunities of this nature are rare and precious. If they are missed cannot be retrieved. We therefore invite you to make use of the opportunity to become a part of the growing family of Hebron Evangelical Bible Institute. Here at Hebron Evangelical Bible Institute you will enjoy a “family” atmosphere, one composed of fellow Christians from all walks of life and various ethnic groups and cultures.


  • To inculcate in our students a complete commitment to the authority of the Word of God, and to develop a deeper and mature relationship with God through a disciplined study of the Scriptures and through prayer and meditation.
  • To assist believers in cultivating a desire to pursue Gods calling on their lives.
  • To commit ourselves to providing affordable Christian Education to the Body of Christ.

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